Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So Much To Learn and Stuff.

All I wanted was a family portrait up on the hill with evening sun golden upon our casual, smiling, happy faces. 

Sure Nat, no prob.

My lack of technical photography knowledge is always clear to me but I know some day, with practice and classes I will learn all I need to know. Tonight while trying to get a portrait of the fam, I re-learned things I already knew but forgot since the last time I tried to take a picture of my 2 boys, my baby, my good-sport-of-a-husband and my nemesis, Roo the dog.

Lesson One/Photo One- Animals that are reluctant to be photographed or moody are harder to corral than kids because you can't bribe them with a toy from Hobby Town valued at no more than $10.00. 

Lesson Two/Photo Two- You can't slap an effect on a picture that isn't great in the first place and expect it to become great.

Lesson Three/Photo Three- It truly is impossible to be photographer, stylist, subject and animal wrangler, all at the same time. Note- wild hair flying in the wind and Roo's profile.

Lesson Four/All Photos- Even the real-life, educated, professional photographers out there hire professional photographers.

With all lessons aside, they are still portraits of my beautiful family and one of the 40 shots will end up in our living room and be loved just the same. That's the reason I love portraiture, it's the faces (or dog's rear-ends) in the photo that make them matter.

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