Thursday, August 12, 2010

Teardroppin'-Painted And Wired.

There is J standing in the kitchen!

Look! There are walls and wires and insulation and soon there will be pretty little cedar strips lining the interior. The bedroom area is so cozy and comfy and once the doors are on you could live in the thing. So neat!

There is a little light inside. AND IT WORKS!

Sully filled all the gaps around the insulation and Jeff has since sanded and skinned the roof. So smooth and pretty. More pictures to come of course.

We are in color now too! Isn't that green so fun and cheery?

I think it will look nice behind the forest green of our truck. We did have a little problem with the powdered stain we used. (When I say "we" I really mean Jeff. He does all the hard work as I am sure you know.) The color was what we wanted but the sun faded one wall before it could be sealed so we have a mismatch thing going on between the doors and the walls.


We have found a great cheery green paint that will cover it and give Jeff the chance to finish the whole thing a different way than originally planned. He seems excited about the new possibility. I will love it no matter what.

Jeff is working quickly and efficiently and I am hoping he will have her coated, seamed up and snug before we need to move her to a much chillier climate.

Oh, he can do it. I know he can.

Have a great day!

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