Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Teardroppin'-Frame 2 and Metal Love Letters.

So all the metal work and welding has been completed on both frames!

They are also painted all shiny. Jeff fabricated and mounted some legs that pull out to balance the trailer while parked lakeside or wherever else we try to wedge it. Then they pull up and tuck in for cruisin'.

He has done some neat things with his torch so far and it looks so seamless and professional. Frankly he makes it look easy. I know it's not.

It probably will be easy for this guy when he gets a chance to be under a helmet. He is watching so very carefully and helping in every way he can. Turns out they make kid sized welding helmets. Sully could be welding sooner than later.

Here is the finished painted frame and you can kind of see the stabilizer on the front corner there. Isn't that black nice and sleek?

My favorite part though is that under all that paint, in between all the welds and sanded areas is a little love note from Colyer, written in Sharpie...


Well, I love that our teardrop is literally built on love, and with lots of it.

That is what it's all about.

Roll on back tomorrow if you like wheels... Happy Hump Day!

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