Monday, June 21, 2010

For Reals.

Happy Monday and Happy Summer!

I know I have been living Summer for a couple of weeks now, but today it's official.

Today found us working diligently outside with power tools, wood, math and measurements followed (or interrupted) by a couple of trips to the hardware store. Teardroppin' update tomorrow!

Midday we moved inside for some shade. We traded up the drill for a quieter machine and some softer materials. Sully is working on a secret project that I am not allowed to peek at.

While he was busy, I yanked this down and made a mini table cloth for a table that had some unsightly bare spots on it. The rest of that handy sheet is being cut into squares for my very first real person quilt. After all, each and every doll in the house has their own, so the humans should too right? First in line is Minna, to celebrate her gradual move into her own bed.

Now the boys are outdoors again. I hear hammering and buzzing as I write this. The younger of us girls is resting. As for me, I hear some plants calling out for some water after a warm day of sun.

Where did the longest day of the year find you?

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