Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Monday-I MADE A QUILT!

One of my New Year's Resolutions AND one of my Summer Goals is complete! Two in one. I like it.

I Made my first real person quilt! Introducing the "Tulip Coverlet"! I am calling it a coverlet because it sounds cute and seems fitting for Minna and her big-girl bed. (Uh, when we actually get a mattress and she can sleep in it.) I made it to fit well on a daybed and as far as I can tell it will fit just as I imagined it would. I actually made a big mistake when I pieced together the first two rows. The tulips on the top two corners ended up upside down. I was angry at first but now see that it lends itself to the daybed look. I am O.K. with it.

I used that old sheet that I have been talking about for ages, plus another old sheet that has the same coloring. The second sheet is also the quilt back. I really love the back. So pretty and simple and will look equally good on the bed.

The green with polka dots are from some fabric that has really gotten around. I had three yards of it for some reason and I have used it all over the place. THREADLINGS has some and it was our Christmas Tree skirt for Minna's first Christmas. The pink with dots was from Jeff's Mom's stash that she gave me when we were rummaging through her sewing stuff. I really love dots.

The batting is not batting at all. I wanted to find a thrifted flannel sheet but was too impatient. So I used a jersey sheet right out of our linen closet. I love the drapey weight but jersey was not easy for me to work with. It wasn't too much of a struggle though. I think the flannel sheet is a really good idea and I will use it next time for sure.

I cut 42 blocks and tried to be really precise with the cutting. Very important and unfortunately NOT my strong suit. I still had some abnormal blocks I think due to using different weight fabrics. All in all though, the seams seemed to match up. Yes!

I was excited to take pictures of it outside as lots of quilt artists do. That was one of the reasons I wanted to make a quilt in the first place I think. I love the photos in "The Gentle Art Of Domesticity" and Jane Brocket's latest book too. So lovely. Quilt photography is an art all by itself isn't it? Luckily I had an assistant helping me out while we took pictures in our jammies and bed-head.

And look how happy she was when I gave it to her this morning! She put it to good use right away with some cuddling and some reading. I was so glad she liked it so much and I have to say I am pretty proud of it. Very rewarding.

Looking outside around here it is obvious that it isn't quilt bundling weather. The fields turned gold over night and we are a little hot and sweaty. That is O.K. The "Tulip Coverlet" can still look pretty on the bed and we can use it for indoor picnics when we need to escape the heat.

Hopefully I made it strong enough for washing. I will let you know.

Happy Monday to you!


  1. i recognize some of those fabrics...they look a lot like the little banner hanging on havi's wall:-) the quilt turned out great!