Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Check In and Self Promo.

Hi all!

Have a good long weekend? We did. Nice to have a long weekend now and again huh?

I will have some stuff to share soon, but right now I am going to direct you to THREADLINGS to check out the four new postcard sets that are waiting for a nice new home.

Postcards are nice now and again too right?

They are just "Out Here'n Two Rock" shots printed on postcard stock. Each of the four different set comes in a fun fabric envelope made by me and my sewing machine. The sets are "Sunflower's Life", "Happy Days", "Nature Is Neat" and "No Theme Really". There are two of each available, so no fighting over them O.K.?

Well than! If you need postcards or want a little "Out Here" or want unique shots to hang, or use as gift tags or bookmarks or something- go check 'em out!

I must mention too that I had a special anniversary over the weekend. Happy 11 years o' love J! It's been pretty darn good. Unfortunately, I can't find one, not one recent picture of us together.

How can that be?

I guess we have been too busy taking pictures
of our most beautiful collaborations from the past 11 years instead.


  1. Aw, happy anniversary! Beautiful thoughts. Love the postcards, too, and the idea of the fabric envelope!

  2. Hey thanks! They are fun to make. :)