Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Teardroppin'-Frame 1 and The First Few Weeks.

We are consumed with teardrop trailer talk these days.

When Jeff is home from work he is working away with three eager little helpers, or brainstorming with his Dad or excitedly talking about what kinds of trips we can take when it's complete.

Here I am to update you on all the building progress! It has been a little over a month and in real time we have lots complete, therefore lots to share. Today we will start at the beginning with...

Frame 1-belonging to Grandpa is being built at their house. All the basic planning and tweaking happened there in Grandpa's garage. The measuring and cutting of all the metal was a big task but went smoothly. Jeff got the welding done in a few days with the free hours he had between work and being with us. (He is so good about family time.) The amazing work that Jeff creates with his welder always astounds me.

There were only one or two things that needed to be re-done or re-thought and those problems were ironed out quickly and we had a complete base frame before us.

Minna tested it's strength and she came back with a very favorable report.

So, with Frame 1 being such a huge success, we lugged a pile of metal over to our place to do the whole thing over again. Jeff has been smiling during each and every minute of it too.

Stay tuned for the next Teardroppin' update where I will show you Frame 2 and the very important role I play in all of this.

Hope your Tuesday treated you well...

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