Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some Bedroom Talk and Some Shop Talk.

Busy day today!

Kids and Dad working outside all day, and Mama(me) cleaning and organizing and sifting in the boys bedroom. That room can be overwhelming for me at times so it was nice to get down and dirty in there. My boys and their endless, teeny tiny treasures. How do you corral all your kids special finds? I would love some new ideas.

For now, here are two of my notable-under-the-bed finds from today, 1)Various candy wrappers, candy consumption date and time unknown. 2) A little food storage container filled with rodent bones. (The same bone collection that we previously agreed should live OUTSIDE.)

Always and adventure.

In the end we donated some books and sent some age appropriate playthings next door to little sister's room. (She loves her new wood train set.) With more space on the boys bookshelf and my own book collection needing to be thinned as well, we decided to go to Paperbacks Unlimited. I haven't been in probably 20 years. Neat, neat place. I vividly remember sitting in the kids section cross-legged on the floor, leafing through book after book. The boys did the same today and we came home with some populars and some classics for summer reading and beyond.

On a THREADLINGS note, I added a little scrappy garland to the shelves! Oh I love making these. I think I will talk about these little summery leaves some other day because I made 45 of them and only 10 are in the shop. What to do with the rest? Gotta think about that. For now, go check them out over at Etsy and keep peeking because a Summer Embroidered Square is on it's way too!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love that you've done that bunting in the shape of leaves. It's nicely different from what you usually see, and I'm partial to your color choices too!

  2. Thanks! They are fun to make and I have some in line ready for hand embroidered touches. :)

  3. I can very much relate to the endless little treasures. My son collects everything. He has several shoe boxes and containers that he keeps his finds in. Periodically I have him sort through them to see what we can part with. Some of the treasures that they just can't part with could be put in a little shelf or shadow box for wall decor. We did this with some old G.I. Joe clothes.

  4. Lovin' the shadowbox idea! Thanks! Neat to look at and up out of the way. Add that cool project to the list... :)