Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Command Center Anew!

Another Summer Mini Build complete!

This one isn't on that list but has been on my brain's list for quite some time. There has been a big slab of wood propped in the corner gathering dust to prove it. Well, no more!

(pause. rewind- in looking back i remembered that this project is on
my BIG summer buld list. cool! i can cross one of those off...)

The "Command Center" as we, (mostly I), call it is a huge tool for me in planning and getting stuff done. I am the only one that really uses it I think. Good thing it is bright and huge and right in the entry way for all to "enjoy". Jeff just put it up for me, no questions asked as usual. Nice man.

Here it is BEFORE-
in the dinning room, messy, and in a kinda boring store bought state.

After taping, painting, gluing, re-painting and some MORE tedious painting...

...here it is. In it's new home,

Not exactly as I dreamed but much better than before. That dry-erase paint was hard to get smooth. Maybe it was the brush I was using. The ink does wipe off though so something went right.

Thank goodness! Now I might even know what day it is.

For the next couple of days that I am aware of, I am going to bombard you with Teardrop stuff so I can catch up to Jeff's building. Then I will update once a week. Lots to show...

Happy Tuesday!

PS-My camera gets out of the hospital next week!

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