Friday, June 11, 2010

Work And Play.

We spent most of today buried in sand at the park. Even after a good shower I think the boys are still sprinkling sugary sand everywhere they go. It was grand spending the day, all day, with no time crunch at one of our favorite parks.

It has also been fun watching and assisting the kids with little doings here and there.

Some spontaneous drawing in a special lil' girl notebook of her very own. Still needing the pencils with no erasers because eraser nibbling and crayon crunching is still Minna's favorite part of drawing.

Sully's taking charge of his own mini quilt. He is doing ALL the designing, pressing, clipping and sewing this time. Still no rotary cutter, much to his disappointment. You other sewing Mamas with me on that one? 8 is still a bit young for that sharp, potentially scary tool right? I am still frightened for my own finger's safety now and again.

Plus I am almost done with my little summery water can embroidery. I am loving my latest embroidery style; sketch directly onto the fabric, no practicing beforehand and stitch it and see what happens.

What's happening with you these days?


  1. I nicked myself badly with a rotary cutter just a few months ago. I say no rotaries until they're at least 20!

    Freehand stitching can be very ... freeing, can't it? Looks great!

  2. 20 sounds about right, MAYBE 18. :)

  3. Oh I just love the embroidery that you are doing. It looks really special.