Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Whereabouts-Coffee Reconnect.

So today's "Whereabouts-Wednesday" doesn't always happen on Wednesdays, but a lot of the time it does and it certainly was where we were this Wednesday morning. Does that make any sense? Well, here goes...

As you know Jeff has an odd work schedule. He is gone for two, sometimes three days in a row and is off for two, (sometimes one, ugh) days. On the morning of his return he tries to first catch the boys at their school for a quick hug in the parking lot before the bell rings. We all wait in the car hoping to hear is motorcycle coming up the road, so cute.

Then when the boys are settled in class, the rest of us head home for a minute to drop Jeff's stuff off and then make our way to the little town of Bodega. We have a fave little coffee place there that makes the best white mochas ever and they taste so good with the toasted bagels- parmesan for me and cinnamon raisin for Jeff. Minna eats about half of both so I think she is ready for a whole bagel of her very own.

It is across the street from the cool church and main street that was in Hitchcock's "The Birds". (We don't care so much about that part, even though it is kinda neat.) It is just a teeny, pretty town halfway from home and halfway to the beach. The best place to be in my opinion.

Anyway, it is a relaxing, not to mention yummy way for J and I to chat and reconnect after he has been away. Even though we are in contact of course while he is at work we need the face time. We don't ALWAYS go out so we have our little rituals at home too. Usually a nice breakfast and chat in the kitchen. I think to stay sane in a relationship that deals with one part being away so often you need to have these simple, yet quality moments to look froward too.

And I think all three of us do.


I made my first international sale today, yeeee-hooo! Very exciting. So in Australia somewhere, on their very own Whereabouts-Wednesday, a nice lady liked my postcards enough to buy a set.

Pretty neat.

Have a great Wednesday of your own!

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