Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Super Simple Sunny Dress.

It was about a year ago when this little dress got me in front of a sewing machine for the first time in a long time. It was also the project that got me thinking I may not be cut out for garment sewing.

Well, well, what do you know? I made another dress! It fits. It is so adorably cute on my girl and I am going to make a bunch more. It is technically a nightie but who can tell? I used this "Super simple nightie" tutorial that I had been saving to use to make myself an actual nightie. Which I will someday. It really was super simple. I was on such a roll with it that I didn't take any making pictures and it was done in less than a hour. I just had to measure and fit it to Minna's little girl frame, otherwise I followed the steps exactly. I love it on her. And those unicorns, by Heather Ross (my fave) are so dreamy and nostalgic for me.

The next dress will have some adjustments though. I want to create a little more room in the chest area because it is a squeeze to get it over a toddlers head. We slip it on like pants no prob, but I would like a little more room to wiggle. A button closure perhaps? And, because I am still trying to master the art of fabric manipulation, we ended up with two unicorns next to each other on the backside-one of them headless.

Oh dear. Not a crisis, but not the best in show either. Minna doesn't mind at least.

She gave me a hard time about trying it on at first but eventually brought it to me and said, "On?". Didn't have to ask me twice! Here she is pointing out the "fwowersss" and the "baby-horisssss".

And here she is again, spinning and twirling in her mama-made dress.

By golly! I made a dress...


  1. It's really cute. Thanks for sharing the link, and good for you for giving it a try!

  2. Thanks guys! It is cute huh? Can't wait to try the Mama-nightie version. It's a great tutorial.

  3. Wonderful! I love this Dress!

  4. you need to open etsy account!!!

  5. Hey thanks! I actually created one a very short time ago. I call it THREADLINGS. You can check it out on my sidebar if you want. Thanks for reading!