Thursday, June 24, 2010

No Ranch, No Crafts, No Kids Even!

This little check-in is special. No "Out Here" stuff today.

Instead, it's all about;
Gathers, sweethearts, off-white or champagne? Veil, no veil, tulle and beading.

Plus mirrors and turns and fluffing. Us big sisters gushing and Mom tearing up, just a little.

Then it was all about finding that perfect balance of it all.

And boy did she find it.

(You will have to check back after the August 7th wedding to see for yourself.)

Oh, and we can't forget this guy, our chauffeur.
He would pop his head in here and there just to say hello, such a good sport.

At least you got to use your GPS gadget on the way there, right Dad?

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