Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Here's What You Do...

What do you do when you are so lucky to receive a neat shelving unit FOR FREE (Thanks Jess:), that fits perfectly in your little girls room but has some slight wear and you can't seem to muster the time or energy to sand and paint it?

Oh, you get a thrill by looking in your linen closet and finding the old sheet that you begged off your Mom a while back and forgot about. Then you make the easiest panel ever by using the hem at the top of the sheet as a casing for a simple tension rod and hemming the sides and bottom in a contrast thread.

Up the panel goes and your done! I love that all the washing, pulling, tucking and wrapping that sheet went through over the years has given it a sort of sheer and dreamy weight.

The greatness of this sheet doesn't stop there though! I had been searching for months for a used, white daybed or captain style bed for Minna. I can't believe she is almost two and maybe ready to transition to her own bed for at least part of the night, my baby!

Anyway, I got impatient and instead found a cute powder blue daybed, brand new, that I could not resist. The only problem is that powder blue is not yellow, or white, or light green, or pink either. There was no blue in Minna's room before the bed so it kind of stuck out. But that perfect sheet has some sweet blue flowers and made everything o.k. See? Ties it all in, yay!

The rest of the sheet is waiting to made into Minna's big-girl bed set; throw pillows, pillowcase and hopefully make it into my first real quilt somewhere.

That sheet is going to have a long, long busy life.

What have you done around your house lately?

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