Wednesday, April 21, 2010

T.V. Off, Pencils On.

I have heard that this week is "Turn The T.V. Off" week. Whether it is official or not, we (or I) decided to observe it.

There hasn't been one minute of watching time so far. It hasn't been hard to keep it off because we are pretty good about limiting T.V. in the first place. Admittedly though, the boys have been watching more since Minna was born and I am not proud of that. Another good reason to take part this week.

So, we have been outside more because the weather has been pretty accommodating and we have been coloring and drawing more, which I love! The boys dabble in drawing here and there and I am always suggesting it as an activity but they aren't into it as much as other artsy things.

Here is some of our coloring-goodness from the past couple of days;

I worked in this little book with drawings of dresses and other clothing already done, and you have to draw in the legs, arms and head and put in a back ground. I got the book for Minna but it is now in my personal stash.

Sully and Colyer got a beautiful coloring book of old Samurai paintings. They loved all the intricate details. I like that the sheets are one sided making each picture a mini piece of art.

Minna created this masterpiece which covered the table and most of the dining room floor.

No one was in front of the T.V. so I had plenty of help cleaning up.

Anyone else trying a week without television?
How's it workin' for ya?

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