Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lost In Space Fabric And Big Hair.

ME EARLY THIS MORNING- "Hey Colyer let's go run a comb through your hair."

COLYER- "Why?"

ME- "Because it is nice sometimes to have smooth, tidy hair."

COLYER- "All right, I knew that."

Onward went the combing, wetting down, and combing again and off the boys went to school.

With Colyer on the brain, I buckled down to finish the little brother version of this messenger bag. I have had the space fabric for months waiting to be put to work.

It was pretty quick going even with a little girl at my feet trying to get into EVERYTHING. She found the stickers so you can imagine the constellation of sticky things all over the carpet in here. No prob. I got to sew.

I can tell my technique is getting a little better and I am much neater throughout the process. I clip threads and iron and organize in a way that slightly resembles someone who knows their way around a sewing machine. I am loving it more and more each time.

Here is the finished Space Bag. I had it waiting in C's seat when I picked him up at school. (They love that!)

COLYER AFTER SCHOOL- "Awe! I knew it! You finished it really good!

ME- "Do you like it?"

COLYER- "Yeah. Hey Mom? Why do you always make us cool stuff?

ME- "Because I love you and sometimes it's nice to make things for people you love."

COLYER- "All right, I knew that."

Have great day!

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