Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I finished my first kinda' ambitious sewing project!

A messenger bag for Sully.

I succeeded in making a bag that can actually be used for important school stuff even!

I had to dive into the world of fusible interfacing and edge-stitching and sewing a curve. All not so easy, but I managed and learned a lot.

I worked after the kids were sound asleep. I worked and I worked...

Around 2:25 (yes, that is AM.) I realized I had finished. The time just flew by.

Here it is as I stumbled and fell into bed.

I see many more bags in the future of all kinds. I love making stuff that has a purpose and is nice to look at.

As I write this, my first bag is strapped around my boy's shoulders at school.
Hopefully serving it's purpose and being very useful.

Happy Tuesday all!

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