Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Break For Show And Tell.

I admit I have been obsessed with unpacking and putting away and getting this place lived in. But! That doesn't mean the kids and I haven't had any special making time.

We haven't had a LOT, but some.

We made sacks for our yo-yos. The boys (big and small) are addicted to the yo. I am constantly on guard for flying yo-yos and tripping on knotted string. Obviously they need little bags to store them in right?


I finally finished and found somewhere to hang this.

And Minna and me both really like the frilly touch in her new room. Jeff isn't so sure. At least he likes his yo-yo bag.

We love those bags so much that Sully made some for his friends to put whatever they want in.

He did it all by himself on his very own machine. I have to say I thought he was secretly making that sweet yellow one for me, his dear old mom. After all, yellow is my favorite color. Turns out it's for a cute little girl at school. So it begins.

And lastly, I am back in the embroidery saddle. I haven't picked up a hoop since Christmas!

Feels like home.


  1. Everything's looking great! I love the idea of a yo yo bag. Who doesn't need a yo yo bag? The frills in the changing area are great, too.

  2. Hey thanks! Nice to be back at the craft table...