Thursday, January 14, 2010

Movin' On Down.

I know I promised to let you in on what was going on out here after the dust settled and matters were tended to, but that could be a while.

Well here it is; 'tis true, the gang and I are MOVING!

This will be our last night in this little, trusty house that enabled us to start over and begin to live the life we really wanted. The life we needed.

Bittersweet? Yes, but we managed to find an old, pretty house with a bunch of charm and a bit more room to stretch. Should fit our family just perfectly.

It really is lovely.

To the right of that kitchen window there is a fireplace! Very exciting for us.

I have been taking bins and boxes back and forth while Jeff is at work saving all the big heavy stuff for his return. Lucky guy. (The boys are a great help but just can't move 7 foot bookcases. Neither can I.)

The best part? It's just down the driveway, past the garden and the red barn, on the same beautiful piece of property that we are so lucky to roam right now.

Another good part?

We are taking LuLu with us...

So, see you down the road when the computer is tucked into it's new space and when we have our fireplace a-blazin'...

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