Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where It Comes From.

I was cutting out some felt hearts for next month when my own heart started beating a bit faster and I was moved to say something about Haiti.

I don't write about serious stuff here. None of my personal, liberal views on controversial issues make it here or need to be here. That kind of talk is for real life. Out Here'n Two Rock is about sharing the little stuff that is happening in my family's daily world.

But in real life, we are feeling, discussing, hurting and hoping for Haiti's families.

We are learning too.

I have learned that a group of second graders, my bigger boy included, can take initiative and spread the word on giving. Giving whatever and whenever you can. They sent out a letter to the people of our tiny school, asking for help. And from our small group of hard working ranch families and military families of all walks of life from around the country, came more than $400.00. Just to give. Just to try to help.

Not everybody is planning for frivolous holidays that celebrate love. They just need it and we all have it to send in many different forms.

We need to however we are able.
Because in real life, we are all connected by that beating in our chests.

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