Monday, October 19, 2009

Gray Out, But Bright In.

So we are being rained on out here.

Minna and I are keepin' busy indoors while our boys are busy at school. We have been cutting fabric, or, I was cutting and Minna was observing and scrambling around in all the scraps. I had a basket full of all her pretty clothes that don't fit or are stained beyond repair and she was organizing it for me. What a great helper.

I cut up all those sweet clothes that meant too much to give away in order to make a neat garland like this, (second photo). I think it will be a nice addition to the room Minna will move into shortly. Her very own room!

All the strips are hanging in waiting for the perfect ribbon to string them on. I may even trim them all into petal shapes. I am adding the tulle that I used for a weak tutu I made months ago. 

(Amateurs Side Note-If you are winging it like me when it comes to making a tutu, get about 100 times more tulle than you estimated or you will end up with a pretty sparse tutu:)

Back to our lazy rainy day. 
Hope you enjoy yours, rain or shine.

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