Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Something Strange Going On Today.

Some funny occurrences...

I came upon a fancy colored feline prowling around the boys room.

I was surprised to see a fire chief doing Colyer's homework.

And right in Sully's place at the dinner table was none other than Harry Potter himself. 
(Yes, the Harry Potter phenomenon has reached us all the way out here.)

Looks like Halloween is coming soon. 
Not going to be a handmade Halloween for us this year but we pieced some things together. Sully put an order in for a Gryffindor patch for his cloak. 
I think a hand embroidered patch will fix up our standard Darth Vadar/vampire/miscellaneous black cape quite nicely.

Hope it meets Harry's standards.

Anything odd or spooky going on at your place?

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