Thursday, October 8, 2009


Here is an embroidery update. 

I got a little bit frustrated but kept on working. Because of said frustration, not many pictures have been happening and the shots I have managed to get aren't very thoughtfully done. I was just in the documenting mood and not the "I wanna take fun pictures of what I am doing every minute" mood. 

To start I had to trace the whole advent calendar TWICE! Once, from the original to get the dimensions, make changes and additions. Then I needed to trace the finalized drawing in reverse with transfer pen so it could be set onto my fabric. I am using muslin because that was what looked most like the finished product in my head when I was wandering around the fabric store. After several hours of tracing, erasing, doing some original drawing and then retracing I was ready to get it onto the muslin. At this point I was still happily motivated without a care in the world. I truly enjoyed the process.

Then, I tried to transfer it. I set the iron correctly and watched my pressure and kept the tracing paper steadily in place but it turns out I wasn't pressing hard enough. The lines were way too light. I took a break for a few days. I didn't yell or kick anything, just walked away. 

But I came back. I basically drew the whole picture onto the fabric free hand like I have always done and should have done in the first place. There was a very slight out line which I used as a guide so it turned out just as good as the transfer alone would have been. I was happy after hour 5 (I'm tallying) when it was time to begin stitching...

And look! There I am smiling and no longer frustrated. Any night of the week, especially the ones when J is off at work, you can find me quietly stitching away after the wee ones are asleep. 

Once again, enjoying the process.

NOTE- I have to mention the otherwise awesomeness of those iron-transfer pens! Even though they didn't work for my biggest project yet, they worked like a charm for my little St. Nick and will be great for future smaller drawings. Neat!

You working on anything big, overwhelming or monumental? 


  1. I often end up freehanding it as well, or doing a rough tracing and then filling in the rest on my own. I like it that way. :)

    When I have wanted an exact transfer, though, I discovered that if you print the image onto photo paper, you can place it ink-side down onto damp fabric and use even pressure to rub the ink onto the fabric (long enough to transfer, not so long that it starts to run and blur). Works like a charm!

  2. Hey thanks for the tip! (I somehow missed your comment here from way back, grr.) I will try it this way next!