Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rainin' And Shinin'.

Happy first rain of the season! (for us anyway)

We have been pre-occupied out here in Two Rock. We're thinking about boring grown-up stuff, doctor’s appointments, moving, jobs, etc. I also have Halloween costumes on the brain and the holiday-embroidery-crazies are certainly creeping in. 

When I was starting to consider being overwhelmed, with no answers or finished projects in sight, my middle boy said, "I need a camera envelope Mom." I snapped to and said, "Lets just make one then."

We measured his new prized souvenir camera (thanks Grammie:) and started planning, cutting and sewing. In less than 30 minutes we had the perfect camera bag or "camera envelope" complete with strap and button closure. Please do not confuse this handy bag for a purse. Mr. C. will not hesitate to correct you on the spot.

It sure felt good to be spontaneous, create something with Colyer and most importantly for me right now, see a project through from conception to completion.

Colyer sure was thankful too, he said, "Thanks Mom for making this with me! I really love this! Don't touch my lens though." Uh-huh, a little true-blue photographer that helped snap me back to what is really important, enjoying right this instant...

..the rain, mud and the unknown all included.

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