Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch-Full Color.

We love this pumpkin patch

We can technically call them neighbors because in a farming town your nearest neighbor can be, not very near. These guys are a couple of miles out, so I like to think we get to buy our pumpkins and support our neighbors family farm.

These guys are understated as far as pumpkin patches go these days, which I prefer. No bouncy houses or anything. Just organic pumpkins on the vine, friendly dogs, a kid-sized hay maze and pyramid and lots of other farmin' goodies.

We just run around and let the boys pick our pumpkins for the year. Minna got a pear shaped little guy that Colyer proudly picked out for her. She walked around with it tucked under arm. 

The boys quickly found theirs this year with no grumbles or comparisons in size. They each found their perfect mate.

This farm also grows delicious strawberries and I managed to pick up one of the last baskets during our visit. Very red and still very good. We made some muffins out of 'em and can't wait to share our recipe for "Last Basket Strawberry Muffins", probably tomorrow.

What a fun and easy-goin'  trip to the patch. 

Hope carving goes as smoothly...

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