Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baby Grass Instead.

We went for a stroll today after the middle boy was out of school.

The destination was supposed to be a small pen with two sweet little calves living in it. They are being bottle fed by one of our neighbors and we wanted to meet them and give 'em a pat.

We toddled down the hill going little-leg pace, enjoying the air and sun after some good rain yesterday. We passed by baby grass popping up all around. We said hello to some big cows relaxing and the dogs frolicking. They are probably very happy to be dry!

We got to the pen and the youngest of us was TERRIFIED by the sounds of the tiny moos we heard. Poor lil' girl. I don't hear that scared cry often. I don't know why she felt so frightened inside, only she knows that and fear is sometimes inexplicable anyway. So, needless to say we hustled away and there was no meeting or patting of baby cows.

We explored a little more as we walked back and Colyer yells out, "Mom! At least I found a baby skull!" Sure enough, a tiny skull was makin' it's way into C's pocket. 

I am thinking a rat skull, geh.

Sometimes what makes a neat treasure is also, inexplicable.

Have a nice Tuesday evening.

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