Friday, October 16, 2009

Beyond Thread.

This embroidery gig is the best ever.

A friend came over last night while all our fire-fightin' family members went to a fancy dinner. We had our own dinner and milk-shakes, then decided to pull out some craft books and see what happened. All of us, ages 5 to, uh yeah, 32 gravitated toward the embroidery books. 

Thanks to Sublime Stitching and all their neat stuff, we traced, colored, shrank plastic, made cards, cut up a storm and dreamed up all sorts of things for several hours. We worked in our jammies until everyone got home, which was late. No one wanted to sleep with all the colorful pictures and fun black line drawings that were actually fabric transfers, but can be so much more.

What a fun evening. Plus, while working alongside the kid creators, I got to finish this... 

...another tissue case. Here it comes, Jess.

Have a wonderful weekend. 
We will be picking pumpkins. 
What are you gonna be up too?

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