Wednesday, October 14, 2009


A few days back I held my very first give-away! What fun! I didn't have a MILLION participants but the few I did have were very enthusiastic, thanks guys. Plus, almost everyone won! (Sorry Mary, next time:) The first prize is complete and will be on it's way shortly. I am showing bits here as a sneak peek for fun but to also share the cute project! It is just so appropriate for this cold, runny-nose season.

I was inspired by the cool Japanese craft book, Patchwork Style. The photos (which are the best part of craft books for me) are adorable and the projects look so fun and fresh. I have seen it mentioned many times in blog-world, so when my fave bookstore just happened to have it, I just had to as well.

As you can see the finished product is not at all patchwork. But these little tissue cases are just too sweet and the pattern was so simple that I knew I could do it and also tweak it. I felt I could put my budding embroidery skills to good use and make a hand stitched version. The pattern called for felt but I used canvas that I had on hand. The felt version would be even easier because no hemming would be needed. Gotta' try that one next.

I must say I am happy with it. I need to make one for Jess, the other winner and then I think many acquaintances of mine desperately need one or they just won't survive the weather.
So here's to staying cold-free, 
but having a cute case handy for your tissue if you do catch one...

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