Monday, October 5, 2009

The Answer And The Winner(s).

It seems this ramblin' family can't stay in one spot for longer than two years. 

We are moving but I couldn't bear to tear myself away from Two Rock so our moving truck will only have to drive a few hundred feet. 

Down the road and up the hill to... Moon House.

She needs LOTS of work. LOTS of lovin' care and a family to warm up her abandoned walls. We will be working and fixing in exchange for rent. Sweet deal for us in-the-meantime renters. A few things will be done before we move in like flooring and some paint. But most will be done while we are there like EVERYTHING else. Tile, decks, landscaping and other touch-ups await. 

The Moon House has not been taken care of and she got her name because it looks like someone plunked a house on the moon because there are no flowers or green, just dirt and dirt. There are a few trees in the back for shade, climbing and our hammock though. Plus, both boys agree that when we are high on the hill looking to the sky, we are most definitely closer to the moon. 

Just imagine that view when the hills are green again. 

Stay tuned for more on our new adventure. Moon House is bound to be a beauty. 

So, the give-away. Fun! We have two winners! Congrats!

Winner #1-Jess, my gal over at crushedcrackers who is a loyal reader, but also kinda knew what was happening out here, but she commented first, thanks Jess! A little embroidered somethin' will be on it's way shortly.

Winner number 2! My sweet Aunt Kathy back East who guessed correctly and very thoroughly! Thanks Kathy for reading and for always having a kind word when it comes to my photos. I will be sending something off for you too, yay!

Have a great start to your week!

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