Thursday, October 1, 2009

Make Like A Tree.

We made leaves! 

Sully showed us how to do a project that he really enjoyed doing at school involving crayons and some masterful paper clip scraping. We ended up using a fork because come to find out, we don't own even ONE! paper-clip. Sully said we could manage with a fork but deep down I know he really wanted to instruct us in paper clip bending. They turned out lovely though!

We also made some leaves that didn't require flatware and were simply colored with oil pastels. Our little girl did some coloring too. I know it was confusing with the all the forks around, but I can't wait until the day those crayons don't instantly make a bee-line to her mouth. Oh, all the coloring we will do!

The only disappointment is that we don't have enough-by far. We are going to make some plastic leaves and I am thinking another crayon, paper and fork session is needed. After they are done hanging as a celebration of Fall, I think they could be a pretty garland for the Christmas tree. You never know where those leaves might end up.

For the next round maybe Sully can smuggle a few paper clips from school, hmm...

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  1. Oh they're gorgeous! What a great activity, and a lovely result.