Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Three things happened at three different times to bring us to the fun we had yesterday.

1st- A while back I saw a neat tutorial on making charms out of shrinkable plastic over at Sublime Stitching and thought it looked really fun.
2nd- The other day,  I just happened to walk right by the shrinkable plastic at the craft store. I picked up two packages, clear (clear worked best for us) and white, and thought "Why not?"

3rd- Yesterday, we needed something neat to do between school-work and dinner. "Let's shrink plastic!" It wasn't a hard sell...

We made the cutest charms! We just traced some Sublime Stitching transfers and colored them in with sharpies. So easy! We made our own designs too. The big hit were simple hearts with our initials in them. We made a ton. If I know where you live don't be surprised if you get one. The boys got some cursive practice and were surprised by the idea that you can use lower-case letters for proper names! I told them that you can change those kinds of rules as an artist. They really liked that. I think they liked using Sharpies even better.

We made one special charm, nice and tiny for a certain firefighter we know to tuck in his pocket when he is away.

Sadly, we also had one casualty. Despite all the warnings of; "Hot cookie sheet coming through!" and "Don't touch babe." and "Be careful, this just came out of the oven" or "Take one step back kiddo." And many reminders of, "You can look close-up once they are cool OK?", we still managed a burned chin. Poor guy. I couldn't blame him though. It really is exciting to take 'em out and see the finished product. I got a bit giddy too just thinking about all the cute little necklaces, and ornaments, and treasures, and magic coins we can make. Really, it's addictive.

We will be making leaves to go with the leaf project that Sully took the lead on today. 

Can't wait to share the leafy-ness tomorrow!

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