Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monkeying Around With This Blog Business.

That is kind of a lot for something I was inspired to do one minute, 
and on a whim, just did it the next.

People around me have said "I don't get it." Or "Well, if  YOU like it, then go ahead." I am not sure I get it myself. For some reason trying to journal the old fashioned way doesn't have the same appeal. I do enjoy seeing my photographs and meager text on the computer screen. Very satisfying, and humbling. That's a nice balance.

I also hear "But, why?" I have come to find the answer to that for myself only as my posts have numbered. There are countless posts all over the Mom-blog universe that try to answer that question. An article in a back issue of Mothering magazine which served as inspiration for me, featured several amazing, creative, blogging women and for all of them writing about the importance of family, connections and embracing their daily lives were all common themes. 

The "why" for me is that it is very fulfilling to grasp, photograph and write about something that comes up in my own daily life that is beautiful, fun or interesting. Even if only to me. I have proven to myself that there is ALWAYS something, no matter what. It can make a person a true optimist in spite of the dizzying moments and stressful days. Even through the days where I raise my voice and all the times that I feel I am not parenting the way I want to. There are days when we all feel we weren't productive or living like we want to be. 

So somehow, in between the not so pretty day to day stuff, the loves of my life inspire me to be more conscientious of how we live and they inspire me to be productive. Even if it is just by putting one of my pictures and a few words together that represent a sliver of one of our days together. One moment of our history. We are creating a family history, everyday.

So this girl, with camera at the ready, is attempting to capture it in any way she can. 
(And she really appreciates when you folks are along for the ride:)

* Note* 
Contradictory of what I said yesterday, no self portraits here! I am the goof on the left in the top photo, could you guess? Good one. My lil' photogs, Sully and Colyer took the bottom two for me. It's funny, I feel I look most like myself when the kids are in the shots with me. One of these days I will try to compose a self portrait. I still think it is nearly impossible...

Have a great day!

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  1. Yay! Happy One Hundred you beautiful lady! Thanks for the inspiration.. I'm off to do the big #5. :)