Friday, September 18, 2009

Dinner And A Movie.

We have had a hot week! 

The cool of our coast hasn't been bringing the temperatures of the evenings down like we are used to. With the 5 of us cooking and living in the house our little place gets quite warm. So outside we go for dinner! We grab our plates, the highchair the Thanksgiving table cloth, (well we were very thankful) and to the deck we went. It felt good...

Then off to the fire house for movie night! I forgot my camera so let me paint you a picture...

Many little ones in their jammies and pillows cuddled with friends, old and new. Babies, cozy and nursing. Homemade hot chocolate and whipped cream made right on sight. Don't forget baby marshmallows! Kettle popped popcorn served in little kid-sized tubs that had the perfect ratio of butter and salt. Excited kids with flushed cheeks who got to run around and play afterward in the dark and on the fire engines when they know they really should be in bed already. (Remember how wonderful that was when you were a kid?)

Fun night and it is finally cool! Good thing we got the left-over hot chocolate. I think I may be ready for a cup shortly.

Sleep tight and have a fun weekend!

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