Friday, September 25, 2009

Prepping For Kitchen Table Projects.

Today was hot again. I am not fooled. I am preparing for all the cooler weather, indoor projects that are just around the corner.

A few weeks back I found some neat oil cloth in lots of fun prints and colors. Then I had a vision, a vision of PLAY MATS! I have been wanting something other than paper shopping bags for playing and surface protecting. We don't have many paper bags around the house anymore anyway, so it was definitely time for something reusable.

I had a ton of felt left over from the underwater project below. That blue felt needed a purpose.

I cut some felt into one large piece for the back/play side. I really liked both sides of the oil cloth. So, for the front/messy side, I cut the cloth in half in order to use both and to make it interesting.

Turns out the black part of the oil cloth is also a chalk surface, bonus! Then I just stitched the oil cloth down the middle to make one piece and sewed it to the felt. I did a diagonal stitch from both corners, creating an X, (a sloppy X mind you) to keep it all together.

I punched two holes with a hole puncher on one end and looped a length of yarn through each so we can roll up the mat and tie it together like a sleeping bag for storage.

Here are both sides being used and they are a hit! It worked and I am no seamstress so ANYBODY could make one. The felt side is ideal for roll-y Legos, tiny beads or mini bike parts as shown above. The other side can be wiped down after paint, clay, chalk or anything else messy. One user said the felt side was good for bike jumps if you bunched it up a bit. I told him I totally planned that and constructed it that way on purpose, (wink-wink.)

Indoor projects, we are ready for you!

Have a great weekend! Is it still warm where you are?

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