Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Morning Person.

I have always considered myself a night person. I still am a night person at heart but I tell ya, almost-autumn mornings around here are so lovely that they could convert me. The sun is still rising early enough so we can wake to light coming in our windows. And being in California, we are still on the cusp of needing a sweater and not needing one. 

If it weren't for the brown hills and baby pumpkins popping up all around us, I could almost be convinced it were the beginning of Spring instead of Fall. What a nice transition.

Tomorrow will be my 100th post! I may even be daring enough to post a self portrait. (First I guess I need to take one, we''ll see.)  Then I will be back to covering some project updates plus, all our handmade holiday goodness is just around the corner.

Fall brings all kinds of good things.

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