Friday, September 4, 2009

Years Past, Conclusion.

Remembering 2008...

Baby on board! Minna's first family vacation. She was always smiling. (That was her "hippo" smile she was known for.)

The water level was super low so conditions weren't the greatest. We still managed to squeeze in lots of swimming, jet skiing and relaxing.

We also managed to squeeze in a few injuries and accidents. Oh, just a black eye and a bloody scalp. Some girl;) accidentally dropped a huge container of drinking water all over the cabin floor. But all messes aside, still fun for sure.

Well, did anyone else get teary eyed with all this reminiscing? No? Just me then. 

Stay tuned for our wordless weekend where I will probably have my head stuck in a cooler or be buried in duffel bags. 

Houseboat 2009, coming soon...

Hope your looking forward to something you love to do with your family. 
Have a beautiful weekend.


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