Thursday, September 17, 2009

Knittin' All Around.

With the 100th out of the way, I have to mention some projects!

We did lots of knitting and learning on the boat! The boys are enjoying it almost as much as myself. I think what they really love is the one on one with Grandma and the fact that she packed new kid sized needles just for them. They are adorable! They have just enough grip to hold the yarn in place while little fingers do their thing.

Colyer liked making the yarn chains and I hope to crochet them into something down the line. Sully-boy is a pro at straight knitting already! Maybe a scarf will be his first project?

I finished a purdy blue scarf  for my own neck while on vacation. Here I am modeling it on the lake in a swim suit. Is that weird? 

I started another scarf too! It's a bit quirky but such a pretty purple! This one's in the works for a certain little sis of mine that will be living in much colder climates come January. Almost done K!

So now, a poncho for my girl. I am not going from a pattern so wish me luck. Seems simple enough, just two rectangle pieces kind of pieced and stitched together with a hole in the middle. Wait. Was that simple? We all know how over confident I am in my hand working abilities so check in soon to see what happens. 

I want my girl's shoulders warm this coming season!

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