Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And It's Off!

Some weeks back I mentioned the making of our Pen Pal Journal
Well, after getting it bound and written in and tucked with treasures... is on it's way!

 So in  just a few short days, our friends in Washington will get the kick-off entry!

The boys had fun just freely writing and talking about what we have been doing. We had just brought home some new books so we had reading on the brain. They ended up compiling book lists and creating drawings inspired by our faves.  Can't wait to see what themes come out and what needs to be shared next time with our folks to the North.

Even better, can't wait to see what they want to share with us.

Anyone else want a pen pal... or four? 
(Baby Minna counts and this is as fun for me as it is for the kids:)

Happy mid-week!


  1. Oh Natalie... you are wonderous. You really are.

  2. Gimme a break! Do we see each other to often to be pen pals? :)

  3. I didnt mean to be pen pals malorkus! just commenting on your wonderous-ness. :)

  4. No, I know! I was saying gimme a break about your glowing compliment. :) Then, went on asking about the pen pal thing cuz I want more, and you guys would be fun to write to. :)

  5. Oh my gosh I would love love love love to be pen pals. Even though we average about a 2 a month visit. :) lets get started