Thursday, October 22, 2009

Santa Before Halloween?


Here is Advent Calendar Santa patiently waiting for a house to visit. In the mean time he is perched on my monthly calendar. See those tally marks in the back ground? Those are keeping track of my stitching time.

I added several more yesterday while this lady napped away.

Have you noticed the hoops getting larger and larger? I really like the whole drawing to be framed nicely in the hoop so I am constantly on the look out for bigger hoops. I have a feeling this is as big as they get and probably would be seen as impractical to a real embroiderer, but I like 'em big so I am rollin' with it.

The project is coming along. I have finished all the reindeer now and the roof is complete. 

Top level, here I come...


  1. did you put a red nose on the lead reindeer?

  2. There will be! The red and green accents will be added when all the black stitching is done...