Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whereabouts-That Blah Kitchen Wall.

This will be a "Whereabouts Wednesday" installment and a project share. Two for one!

The poor wall above our island/prep/eating area in the kitchen has been white and plain since we moved in. It now has a white and yellow shelf that was painted and put up in a questionable manner but still helps fill the space. I think the weight limit for the thing has been exceeded by the tiny red teapot that sits there very, very carefully.

I finally finished these guys and strung 'em and nailed 'em up above the rickety shelf. I actually really like it. If you have a white wall and want color you can't get much more colorful than a garland of rainbow fruit.

We all have our favorites (lemon and apple) and it is unanimous that the blueberries are the least favorite. I think I should have done a little bowl of berries instead of silly, flying, willy-nilly berries. Maybe I will re-do the blue panel.

Maybe not. We may just have to grow to love those darn berries just the way they are.

How do you decorate your kitchen? It can be hard huh? I would love to hear what yours look like.

Happy Wednesday!

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