Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Check In.

Monday is over and I have yet to check in and blab about my fun weekend! Oh, it was busy like I mentioned it would be but fun just the same.

I got to see a good friend, her kiddos AND her gorgeous belly! There is a little girl in there, almost ready to come. (Mary-Can I take some newborn pictures too? Please?)

How fun to capture pregnant bellies and excited siblings. What a special time. This pregnant lady was scrambling all over and climbing fences even! All in the name of maternity photography.

I also got to shove pretty girls into muddy barns and they were such good sports about it. Not one complaint, even in wet, knee-high grass!

(Hope this sneak peak doesn't spoil any surprises, just had to share!)

Anyway, I had fun with all the picture taking, and the antique faire-ing, and the cooking show partying and the sewing class-ing(?). It was a full and satisfying weekend.

Now I am going to go rummage through my work in progress bucket to see what else I can busy myself with.

Have a good night!

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  1. heeey...i didn't even know my belly made it on the blog:-) just randomly selected April and voila! i love it! i wish i had seen it...would have LOVED to have you do a newborn shoot!!!!!
    it was so good to catch up with you today. thanks for the call. smooches!!