Friday, April 2, 2010

Hello April and "This Moment".

Wasn't it just yesterday that I was complaining about March sneaking up on me?
Now it's April?

April one out here was marked by the traditional "scare-Mom-with-a-spider-prank" and I am a fool each and every year. They are good, those tricky boys of mine...

Now, with Easter being THIS WEEKEND(?!) I was not foolish and I pulled out the baskets, got the eggs set for dyeing and stitched up a little bunny for Minna to wear with her Easter skirt. No fancy dresses this year. Just a cute, fluffy, twirly skirt in bright pink to match her bunny.

This was my first try at embroidery on clothing. The top was stretchy, so I see where a stabilizer would have come in handy. I was just cautious with my tension and didn't stress about it.

With holiday stuff prepared and organized, we are off to Grammie and Grampie's cabin for our long weekend. Then to top it off, it's over to the firehouse for Easter dinner! That will be a first for us and I am thinking the kids will love it, so will my camera and I.

I am leaving you with my precious moment of the week. See? Even with busy days and rain, there are still quiet, sunny warm moments like this...

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Have a sweet and lovely Easter.


  1. Oh, everyone sleeping in a nice, cozy heap. I love those moments. Just about every day I think how much I'll miss these days when they're bigger. Happy Easter!

  2. Me too. Do they HAVE to get bigger? Happy Easter to you and yours!