Thursday, April 29, 2010

Making Waves Over Here!

About 4 years ago I had a dream that we adopted two kittens. I woke up so happy from that dream that I looked on craiglist that very morning and found an ad for two kittens that needed a home that day or they would be sent to the shelter.

A quick talk with Jeff and an hour later, we had Pepper and Luna living with us.

Last night I dreamt of sewing strips of aqua fabric together to mimic ocean waves and stitching it together with really cute mermaid fabric and doing some embroidery all over it. Well...

...I made last night's dream come true too. I am trying out some new seaming techniques and I got some fun stitching to do tonight. Very soon I will have a little quilt.

Jeff hasn't questioned any of my silly dream-crazies in the past and if anything, he has acted like they were quite logical. This time he just asked very politely where I was going to hang it when it was finished.

I am guessing he doesn't want it hanging above his workbench in the shop. I am not hurt and I couldn't dream of a better sport-of-a-husband either.

You dreaming of your weekend yet?


  1. Honey,
    Do you remember the Mermaid costume we made for you in 4th grade? You looked amazing!!!

  2. I remember it very well! Probably the reason I have such a fondness for mermaids. :)

  3. Turning dreams into reality is always an amazing journey. Have a great weekend