Monday, April 19, 2010

Mama's Bag For Monday.

Did everybody have as full of a weekend as we did? Nice weather leads to busy doesn't it? I am glad we took advantage of it because Spring rain is in the forecast out here.

So, during our busy weekend I used this little bag that I made from our old shower curtain. It's the "Mama's Bag" from Handmade Home. This has been on my to-do list for a long time and I got to finish it up while Minna slept and the boys had a cozy movie night on the couch with their Dad. Ahhhhh, the joy of uninterrupted sewing time...

It came together pretty darn easily. Even the whole "outer-bag-inside-the-lining-and-pull-it-though" thing. Those instructions didn't make much sense until I actually had the two pieces in my hands. Oh it made sense, and I am sure all you bag-makers out there are familiar with the method. It worked and it was really fun to do.

In place of ribbon, I made my own little ties that are messy and thready but that is what I like. Especially next to the smooth bag fabric.

I improvised on the handles and made a double-sided set which made them very hefty. Possibly too hefty for the weight of the bag which has a linen lining. I like how those look though and will use that idea on other bags for sure.

Downers- The fabric wasn't fun to work with, or touch even. Duh, it's a shower curtain. Why did I use it you ask? I just wanted to re-use something I already had. Plus, I figured it would be pretty durable for a bag. I think it will be, if I ever use it again.

I also think the bottom corners are a little to pointy for my taste. Next time I will use a softer fabric that I am sure will bend and hang and iron in a much more pleasing way. I really liked this version from June At Noon and will probably add some cool pockets next time too.

Enjoy your Monday evening!

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