Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rainbow Fruit.

Lots of projects lately. Hope you don't mind because here is another!

Embroidered fruit! In rainbow colors!

In rainbow color order there will be;

apple, orange, lemon (my fave so far), 2 limes, blueberries (not lovin' how they look) and a bunch of grapes.

These will eventually be strung up together to form a little banner to cover up a very sad, blank wall in the kitchen. When I informed J of this he asked if it would be up there forever. Hmm, I am not sure he is crazy about the idea. He wasn't too crazy about me putting a picture ledge up by myself either. (Maybe because I refuse to believe in the importance of studs when hammering nails into a wall.)

But still, he is a good sport and that ledge is up and will soon be joined by a pretty rainbow of fruit. Possibly FOR-EV-ER! (Just kidding.)

Have you noticed a lot of rainbow color in my pictures these past few weeks? I have. From fabric, to cups, to egg dye. It's popping up all over and I kind of like it. So much so that a rainbow mini-quilt is in full swing. Quilt top has been pieced and is waiting for, well, waiting for something, not sure what yet.

Stay tuned!

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