Thursday, July 1, 2010

Teardroppin'-Tear On Wheels.

For most people that are into vehicle building and customizing what I say next may send shivers down your spine. Prepare yourself...

Jeff cut off both sides of an axle. I know. Well really I don't know because axles don't mean much to me and I knew Jeff had it under control.

Anyhow, he cut off the sides and welded on new parts and finished it beautifully so that the wheels ended up fitting at the height he wanted them to. They look perfect, they roll straight and we have a functioning trailer!

All of us had to go when we took it on it's first run of course. I am sure Jeff just wanted to take a quick jaunt around the block but he had to wait until we all got shoes on and strapped ourselves into car seats. It was a relief to see it in the rear view mirror, in tact and with no bolts or screws skittering across the road. Like I have said and will keep saying, Jeff does nice work.

While he is busy the kids do some rolling of their own. When they aren't helping out they are finding lots fun things to do. I do too. Somebody has to take important pictures of the process right? Especially wires and other neat little things.

See? It's a heart! Told you I have an important job too...

Two more updates and I think I will be caught up to the building. We have been busy...

Have you been busy too?

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