Thursday, July 29, 2010

This Blog Just Might Get Interesting...

question- What do you do when your husband decides to become a volunteer fire-fighter?

answer- Oh, you agree it would be a neat way to help the community and you support him. And you get used to the pager waking you up at night and the gear hanging in the hallway eventually doesn't scare you when you see it out of the corner of your eye in the darkness.

question- Now. What do you do when your husband becomes increasingly serious about this fire thing and decides he has to obtain MANY certifications IMMEDIATELY. Then sets his heart on doing it as an actual-real-life-grown-up job?

answer- You know it's what he is meant to do and get used to weeks and months and months of him working full time during the day and studying and training nights and weekends. (I know, lots of confusing "ands". That's what that time felt like too.)

question- Then. How do you handle it when he becomes certified and trained and ready for a paid position and he is offered not one, but two, and he chooses the risky one because he feels it is right?

answer- Even though you aren't sure about it yourself, you gulp and know that you will both figure everything out as it comes. Just as you always have.

question- (Last one, I promise.) Then, when he finally has two possibilities for a great career in front of him after over 70 letters and almost as many applications and tests and heartache and waiting and the one we all wanted and hoped for doesn't come through?

But the second one does, and could be very good in the long run...

...but it is impossibly, terribly far away.

In Alaska.

answer- You cry a little. Feel equally excited and devastated and try to understand those feelings. Then you wipe your tears because you feel so very proud of him. Proud of the both of you.

Then you start making plans to move to Alaska.

Because you always figure things out as they come.

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  1. Oh, wow! What crazy news! I can imagine it's a ridiculously complex mix of emotions for you. Good luck!