Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stuffin' Some Stuff.

I will only keep you for a second.

It's late and I am about to watch a movie with a certain husband that doesn't have to to work tomorrow, yay! I will leave you with a glimpse of the busy stuff that I personally have been up to today.

I stuffed this canvas bag to the brim with crafty fun stuff. We are donating it to the Two Rock Volunteer Fire Dept. for this weekend's Pancake Breakfast raffle. Yum-that time of year again!

I am calling it the "Summery Days Family Craft Kit" and it has bits and pieces tucked in that are inspired by this very blog. I also made another "Happy Stitching" bundle with a rainbow of floss to go along with it.

There is one lucky little crafty embroiderer out there...

...could be YOU if you come on out Sunday to join us for the morning.

More details tomorrow!

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