Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Monday! Up To Speed.

So the computer is running a bit better and I am taking advantage of it. J says my pictures are bogging it down but I highly doubt that. He likes to blame my zillions of pictures when he doesn't quite know what the problem is. It's a mystery.

The past week or so hasn't been slow for us even if the computer has been. We have been making and playing and visiting friends. All the good summery stuff.

Today I surprised the boys with a trip to the skate park. It was a surprise because every time we go I swear that only Dad will take them from now on. I just can't handle it. It can be so frightening for this old ma on the sidelines. Too many wheels, so many big kids, too much speed, my sweet little helmet clad kids trying so hard and Minna wanting to be in the middle of it all, oh it's enough to make me pass out. Maybe I should wear a helmet there too.

Well, my fears were validated because the second my bigger boy stepped out there he injured both his knees in the deep-down-bone-bruised kind of way. He sat on the sidelines and observed for a while then reached into his endless reserves of courage to try that pesky drop-in again. Was I ever that brave? Or coordinated?

When it got too busy and crowded (and terrifying) with much older skaters I lured them away with the promise of the best ice cream ever.

They got their faves and mixed 'em up milkshake style in their bowls. So good. My nerves and Sully's knees were so very thankful.

For reals this time, Jeff is braving the park from now on.

I mean it.

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