Thursday, July 15, 2010

Teardroppin'-Stickin' To The Ribs.

I feel like we have a whale skeleton out here instead of a teardrop frame. It's all rounded and the wood is a light color. Just reminds me of the whale bones we saw out at the beach by Jeff's work, delicate yet strong. I am sure I am the only one that thinks so.

Jeff hasn't been laughing at my whale jokes because he has been very busy doing some tedious, cutting, gluing and piecing. It looks so good. Every angle and curve fits like a tight fitting puzzle. We are getting ready to fit in the insulation.

PLUS... look at the roof frame! Doesn't it look like whale ribs?

(I knew it.)

Below, you are looking at what will be the kitchen counter and cupboards. This will all be enclosed with a hatch that lifts up for cooking time. We opted not to put in a fridge and just use that space for our cooler. I think it will have a little sink if timing allows. We also decided that we love our portable camp stove enough that we don't want a built in cook top. It will be nice to be able to use the counter for the stove or for prep space. Nice to save on those expenses that can add up too.

Of course in between the measurements and nailing, Jeff had time to help build some other little custom masterpieces with his junior carpenters.

This bi-plane is the sweetest thing.

Even sweeter than our whale.

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